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To manage Salesforce data effectively, you need to orchestrate people, process, and technology. We’d like to help. That’s why we’re committed to sharing ideas, best practices, and tools with anyone who wants to improve their knowledge and skills.

White Papers

The Need-To-Know Guide to Restoring Enterprise Salesforce Data
Forrester Consulting Study: The State Of Enterprise CRM Data Management 2021
Securing Your Cloud: Evaluating for Risk In Salesforce AppExchange Integrations
Now Tech: SaaS Application Data Protection, Q4 2021
Innovation Insight: Backup for SaaS Applications
The Impact of Security-Risk Regulation & Data Residency on Cloud Efficacy
Ebook Salesforce Fin Serv
Salesforce Data Lifecycle for Financial Services Companies
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning for Salesforce
Complete Guide to Salesforce Backup & Restore

Events & Webinars

Nov 19
[On Demand Webinar] Five Things Architects Overlook When Choosing a Data Backup Solution
Earlier this year, Salesforce Senior Technical Architect Arun Sood wrote a post on the Salesforce Architects blog breaking down five critical considerations architects overlook when they choose a backup solution.
Nov 18
[Webinar] Maximiser le ROI de la plateforme Salesforce par la vitesse, la qualité et la sécurité des déploiements
Maximiser la valeur de la plateforme Salesforce avec des ISV de l’Appexchange auprès des grands clients Salesforce et ceux pour lesquels la plateforme est “mission critical”
Oct 26
[Event] Data Innovation Forum for Salesforce Architects
A virtual event for enterprise-level Salesforce architects to talk about ideas, opportunities, and strategies to maximize the value of Salesforce data.
Oct 18
[On Demand Webinar] Forrester Research Exclusive: The State of Enterprise CRM Data Management 2021
The results are in! Over the summer of 2021, Odaseva and Forrester collaborated on a survey studying how CRM professionals in large enterprises feel about their ability to manage data, the challenges they are facing, and the emerging trends impacting their success.
Sep 21
Odaseva is a Platinum Sponsor of Dreamforce 2021! Join in-person or virtually
Dreamforce is just around the corner! Odaseva is a proud Platinum Sponsor and we look forward to connecting with you in-person or virtually.
Oct 6
[On Demand Webinar] What Salesforce Customers Need to Know About China’s Data Security Law
On September 1st of this year, China’s Data Security Law went into effect, including strict guidelines on data localization. Companies that do business in China are now required to store and process data in China.
Aug 25
[On Demand Webinar] Data Agility: The Unseen Enabler of Innovation
The value of Salesforce extends from what you do with the data, not just how you use the platform. But at enterprise scale, it can be very challenging to move data between Salesforce orgs or to outside systems.
Jul 28
[On Demand Webinar] Archiving: One Simple Solution to Three Major Data Problems
A thoughtfully planned and executed data archiving strategy is a simple, powerful step you can take to make sure your data architecture is designed for optimal performance, regulatory compliance, and ease of use.
Jul 1
[On Demand Webinar] Sandbox Data: The Hidden Risk
If you use full copy sandboxes and don’t take measures to protect sandbox data, then you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to a data compromise that could have serious consequences.


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